Under 20 Play Offs And Final

The world cup under 20 play off’s and final will be held in Auckland this Saturday from 1.30pm.

New Zealand has seen great turn outs at the games held from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and other host towns.2015-06-17 16.43.29

The games have brought a huge spotlight on to New Zealand for the ever popular European game of Football.

Seen as a safer sport to play than our national choice of Rugby, children are taking to the pitches for first rate training from volunteers and games held all over the district on Saturday mornings.

There is a substantial number of strong, skilled girls playing too. In true Kiwi style the girls are showing that whatever the boys are doing, then they can too.

It is good for them all to try new sports, regardless of gender and a superb way to learn how to play in a team. Here is to an ever growing and thriving Football environment here in New Zealand.

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