Rolleston Master Plans Released for Consultation

The 5th draft of the master plan for the proposed Foster Recreation park has been released for public consultation.

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The selwyn District Council are holding a series of drop in sessions where you can find out more about the Town Centre and Foster Park development and talk with Council staff about the plans.  These are being held on:

• Thursday 26 September – 4-8pm at the Council Headquarters in Rolleston

• Wednesday 16 October – 5-8pm at the Council Headquarters, Rolleston

• Sunday 20 October – 1.30-4.30pm at Rolleston Community Centre

To view the full Draft Plans located at on the Selwyn District Council  website click the links below.

Foster Recreation Park Draft Master Plan (pdf’s)

  1. Executive Summary, Vision, Principles, The Master Plan [1mb]
  2. Core Elements, Context, Site Analysis, Opportunities & Constraints [4mb]
  3. Recreational Need Analysis, Sports Hubs, Implementation Programme, bibliography and appendices [4mb]

Also see the Foster Recreation Park Needs Assessment Report [PDF 6mb]

Also released for consultation is the draft plan for the town centre redevelopment.

CropperCapture[9] CropperCapture[10] CropperCapture[11] CropperCapture[12]

The full master plans for the Rolleston Town Centre Development  are available to view on the Selwyn District Council website by clicking the links below.

Rolleston Town Centre Master Plan (PDF files)

  1. Executive Summary, Introduction [2mb]
  2. The Place, Community Input [3mb]
  3. Vision & Master Plan, Key Projects [8.6mb]
  4. Project Delivery, appendices [2mb]

For more on these two developments click here

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