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logo Terry McCartney and Emm Langridge with a combined 22 years in the financial industry (12 of those years working inside New Zealand Home Loans) created New Zealand Home Loans – Canterbury Metro in July, 2011. It was founded with the focus to help our Canterbury region move forward Stronger and Faster.

nzhl-imgNew Zealand Home Loans is stronger than any down turn in the marketplace, world-wide economic meltdowns, recessions and natural disasters.  We do what the banks don’t by coaching our clients so they achieve their plans, milestones and become debt free faster.

It is very important for the Canterbury Metro team to support both their clients on a personal level and also their community with their major sponsorship being Selwyn United Football Club.

Their focus is you.  Ensuring that from your initial contact with them, through the journey of setting an achieving your milestones to becoming debt free, they provide you with the number one level of support and service.








Emm Langridge – Business Owner

Mobile: 021 992 050

Phone: 03 335 3536


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Terry McCartney – Business Owner.

Mobile: 021 288 5177

Phone: 03 335 3537


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    Address New Zealand Home Loans – Canterbury Metro Unit E, 359 Lincoln Rd,Christchurch 8024 PO Box 3977,Christhurch 8140
    Phone Tel:  03 335 3535 Fax: 03 335 3545

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    We, Praveen and Keshni Lata Kumar have been New Zealand Home Loan clients for the last 5 years. We were introduced to New Zealand Home Loans by Brad and Nicola Yates of Moorehouse Ave branch, and placed under the responsibility of Client Services Advisor Emily Langridge to manage our portfolio upon joining New Zealand Home Loans.Having had no prior in-depth experience and knowledge on financial management, refinancing and management of mortgages to achieve financial freedom in a shorter time frame than that possible with conventional banks, we made the decision to take the step to place our future and our finances in the hands of New Zealand Home Loans and see where they, and Emm in particular took us.Well, upon joining New Zealand Home Loans, both Keshni and I were completely blown away and utterly impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and personal touch of our advisor Emm in setting up our financial portfolio. Emm was there to assist us and see us through every step of the way when dealing with our solicitor, accountant and her lending team. Through her advice and guidance, we have never looked back ever since and are really proud to say that we are well on our way to financial freedom- we now own two properties, one of which is a rental property. Our own residence will be free of mortgage in about three years, which would not have been possible at all had we still been with a bank.After Emm set up her own franchise of New Zealand Home Loans, we had to wait one year before we could transfer over under her umbrella once again, which we did as soon as one year passed- we would not have it any other way or anyone else to look after us, we have complete faith and trust in her, and by the way, we also enjoy her company, her sense of humour and her personality (along with her manicured nails).It is an absolute pleasure to have a Client Services Advisor like Emily Langridge, and we would like to wish her all the very best.
    Praveen and Keshni Kumar, Avonhead
    I am a New Zealand Home Loans client and have been for several years now, and I would just like to acknowledge someone in your company who has impressed me hugely.  I have been working with Emm Langridge here in Christchurch.  She deals with not only our mortgage, but also our insurances.I have never come across anyone in the finance industry who has shown more commitment to client care than Emm.  She has gone to great lengths to help us achieve what we want, and to sort out problems we had with the insurance company we were then with.  She is certainly a major asset to your team and I can only hope that you realise what a great person you have working for you.  She is friendly, efficient, and is able to make the financial world of mortgages and insurance understandable.I hope someone at the top of your business will show recognition of Emm and what she does for her clients, and the confidence she inspires in New Zealand Home Loans for people.
    Andy Parkinson
    I went to three banks, and then a mortgage broker and they all rejected my loan application.  A friend recommended New Zealand Home Loans and suggested they were different.  They listened to my unique situation, and took into account factors that the banks rejected.  They said yes and that started a long term relationship.Now I am rebuilding my house and again the team at the Canterbury Metro branch have listened and shared my vision.  We are about to refinance and again, they have made the process painless and stress free, keeping me informed of my position and giving me options, and guiding me.Always I feel like they want me as a client, and they tell me when I could do something better to save money.  They work through different scenarios and suggest options and that gives me total confidence in them. When the new house is finished, Emm and the team will be the first on the invite list!
    Neal Blackie
    We moved to New Zealand Home Loans in approximately 2008. Without changing our lifestyle we have made more head way in paying off the mortgage than in the whole time we were with the “traditional bank”.The service we have had has been first class, nothing is ever a problem. The annual reviews are great as you can see how you are tracking. Emm has always been willing to help out where she can weather it be sorting out insurance paperwork and going into bat for her clients or recommending accountants, property managers and valuers etc. nothing is ever a problem.  She is only ever a phone call or an email away.We are currently building and Emm was only too happy to spend the time going over a range of scenarios with us such as selling, or renting out our current house.  She spent hours going over all the figures with us to ensure we were comfortable with going ahead with the build and making different suggestions as to make “our dream” work.I guess we can sum it up when it’s the only place that our children are happy to go to a meeting, in fact when they find out we have a meeting the first question asked “is it at Emm’s place?”The support that Emm and Terry has given our local football club show their commitment to their local community.The service we get from New Zealand Home Loans we never received from our bank. You’ve become part of the family and new home.
    Janelle and Rhys Henderson
    With our current sale and purchase going on it occurred to us that this year marks our 10 year anniversary dealing with you and New Zealand Home Loans. In that period of time, we have bought and sold three houses and now processing the fourth.One of the key points that we have noted in dealing with you in that time, is that you make the financial process extremely stress free and are able to simplify the ‘financial speak’ so that the common people like ourselves, can understand it clearly.As you know, we regularly refer family and friends to you and many of them are now your clients and we are able to do this with confidence that they will be advised well.We are so pleased for both you and Terry branching out into your own business and this is just to let you know that we will continue supporting you as clients in the future.Looking forward to another ten years,
    Paul & Tracey Barrett


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