Foundations mark next milestone for Rolleston College

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 Foundations mark next milestone for Rolleston College

Hawkins Construction is progressing at pace in the construction of Rolleston College, the new high school in the rapidly expanding Selwyn town.

Last week, contractors started pouring concrete for the foundations for the two-story building, which will provide a modern learning environment for students.

Rolleston College is one of four new schools that are currently under construction thanks to the innovative Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Future Schools Partners consortium and the Ministry of Education.

Hawkins Project Director Ian Kendrick, leading the overall design and construction, says that work on three of the four schools had started.

“It is great to be under way in constructing these cutting edge schools. In addition to Rolleston College the consortium is also responsible for building Aranui Community Campus in Christchurch, Ormiston Junior College in Auckland and Wakatipu High School in Queenstown.”

Ivan Hatton, the Hawkins Project Manager on the Rolleston site, says that pouring the foundations always marks an important milestone in any project. “We have done a lot of work on this site to get to this point, so it is nice to see the concrete trucks coming in.”

Mr Hatton says that his teams have completed some significant earthworks to create the footprint for the school and the sports fields.

This included removing large portions of softer sand-based soil under the building area to be used in the fields and replacing this with gravel from the outer areas to create a stronger, hard-fill base for the actual construction site. “By doing this we create the best soil conditions for both the building and the fields.”

Because of the dry and windy spring, Mr Hatton says his team has been working over-time to avoid any inconvenience for nearby residents.

“We have watering trucks on site seven days a week, to avoid any dust, even when we are not on working on the site. We are also putting down fast-growing grass seed on the outer areas to temporarily cover the soil,” says the Hawkins project manager.

Hawkins is a partner of Future Schools Partners (FSP), the consortium responsible for funding, designing, building and maintaining the four schools. The Public Infrastructure Partners (PIP) Fund, established by Morrison & Co, is providing equity and Hawkins is leading construction. Programmed Facility Management will be responsible for the facility management once the buildings are completed.

Rolleston College is scheduled to be completed over the next year, ready to open for the 2017 school year. It will have room for up to 1100 students, with the capacity to build for a future roll of up to 1800 students.

Caption: The artist impression of the Rolleston College entrance and the same position on the current construction site.


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