Child Obesity Education

Canterbury DHB are bringing a Triple P Lifestyles Programme to the South Island next year, to educate parents on ways to reduce the weight of their obese children.


Planning and Funding General Manager Wayne Turp said about two hundred families will be invited to participate. How many families that will accept the invitation though remains to be seen, as seventy percent of parents do not perceive themselves or their children as obese and unhealthy.

The three moonth programme will include ways in how to improve eating habits, choices, exercise and parenting skills.

Boyd Swinburne from Auckland University said that there is a large void in the services available for families who need to decrease weight and increase fitness.

He said “To spend your life saying ‘no, no no no’ to your children is not a very nice way to parent. You do have to put boundaries on there, but the external pressures from the junk food market and availability . . . mean that parents have a much tougher job than they used to if they want their kids to eat a healthy diet.”

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