Care Sales Plummet



Moorhouse Avenue and the ongoing road maintenance is negatively effecting car sales that rely on easy access to view vehicles that are for sale.

The Stronger Canterbury Infrastructure Rebuild Team (Scirt) had been repairing a sewer pipe in the middle of Moorhouse Ave.

The cones are concentrated along the north side of Moorhouse Ave between Montreal and Durham streets, diverting traffic before it reached the nearby overbridge.

Mr Mackay, of Super Value Cars, said his business had put up with roadworks for about two months. “It’s effectively stopped our business.”

“We can’t stay here closed off from our customers. There are going to be costs involved in terms of redundancies.

“We have to get up every morning and try and make a dollar and pay for our staff and pay for all the other things running the business.”

“No one within Scirt was advocating for businesses,” he said.

“There should be another person [in Scirt] to say ‘yes, this is the plan but how is it going to affect businesses?”

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