800 Homes Still Without Power

About 800 homes in Canterbury remain without power nearly two days after heavy snow fell across much of the region.


Orion had restored power to about 3000 homes on Friday but a further 1500 had no power overnight. There were just over 1000 still were without power at 9.30am Saturday.

By 2pm power was restored to another 200 homes and Orion hopes to get another 300  homes back on the grid by nightfall.

Lines company Orion restored power to about 3000 homes on Friday, but another 1500 remained without power overnight, and just over 1000 were still without electricity by 9.30am on Saturday.

Another 200 homes had power restored by 2pm, and Orion hoped to have power back to a further 300 by nightfall. They have said some may not have their power restored until Monday.

A spokesman said lines crews were focusing on the most populated areas first, with the remaining outages affecting smaller pockets of homes.

“There’s a possibility some might still be without power until Monday.”

Operations manager Stu Kilduff said most of the outages were caused by the build-up of snow and ice on lines and tree branches being weighted down on the lines.

Try and check in with neighbours, have spare water available and enjoy the board games to pass the time. Feel free to send us anymore photo’s and your stories of how you are keeping up morale.

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